Build a new lifestyle

Complete Physique; a revolutionary approach to online personal training

The Complete Physique® program offers more than just workouts and meal plans; it offers a lifestyle. Achieving “complete physique” truly happens when you step off the scale and stop counting calories. When you learn to fuel your body with whole, real food. When you work for the results you want. This comprehensive fitness program will give you all the tools you need to look and feel amazing long-term, backed by unlimited support and accountability.

Women’s fitness

Your body is unique. Your workout program should be too. From our fun, follow-along workout videos to our strategic strength training programs, you will jump and lift your way to a better body with a plan tailored specifically to you and your goals. Plans are designed to teach you how to exercise on your own so you reach your true fitness potential and maintain a healthy, fit physiques long-term.

Complete Physique - Women's Fitness
Complete Physique - Practical Nutrition

Practical nutrition

Say goodbye to basic, boring meals. Complete Physique® takes the worry out of eating so you can focus on nourishing your body with healthy, delicious food. We provide a flexible eating plan that allows you to stay true to your healthy eating wherever you are. Members gain access to new flavorful and nutrient-filled recipes every single month!

Support and accountability

We’ve got your back…and your front. The Complete Physique® program might be self-driven, but you will have guidance every step of the way. Bi-Monthly Progress Assessments allow you to receive individualized feedback on your progress and for us to resolve any obstacles that may arise.

Complete Physique - Practical Nutrition