The Importance of a Support System

The Importance of a Support System

We are talking about support systems today!

When you start to change the way you eat and move for the better, you assume the people who are in your life would be happy and supportive of your choices, right?

Change scares people and unfortunately, when someone else is doing good things for themselves, it can start to make others around them feel uncomfortable. Why? Because then they start to feel bad about their own habits. I mean, misery loves company right? It isn’t fun to be fat and lazy alone.

What it comes down to is this: Your friends and family don’t have to understand what you are trying to accomplish but they do have to be supportive. You can’t let your body and health go to the shitter to spare someone else’s feelings. Sorry, not sorry.

One aspect of my program is the amazing support my clients show each other. From working out together, to sharing recipe, to just telling one another “awesome job” for their small accomplishment. It’s a community of women supporting women. We’ve got your back...and your front 😉